Rugged Buddy
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"VERSATILE, STURDY, AND DURABLE: I love these things! I do professional framing and finish carpentry and these things have become indispensable. I have 2 and will be ordering 2 more when I can. I laminated 3 pieces of 1/2" plywood together to make my tops. I cut them to 30" x 6" and that leaves me with a 30"x6"x1.5" platform that is both really sturdy and that I can screw other pieces of wood to for cutting shims with the circular saw, making a really sturdy table, and on and on.

Reasons these are far superior to all the other sawhorses I've used or seen on job sites:
-They easily fold up for transport in the back of my pickup with the topper on.
-The working height of 34+" makes a world of difference in my back over most other saw horses that seem to be 24" to 28"
-I crank out about a half-dozen tops at a time so I can quickly and easily replace a top after it's been sawed or drilled through one too many times.
-The ability to attach a wood top is a huge advantage over metal or plastic folding saw horses. I can rip plywood right on the saw horses and quickly attach other pieces of wood. Being able to replace the top makes these potentially heirloom quality items.
-Stupid sturdy. With the tops I've made I really can't imagine anything you'd find at a job site that you couldn't stack up on these. I've used them to stack all the lumber needed to frame a garage and couldn't detect any bowing or any signs of strain.
-When not folded up they stack on top of one another as well or better than any other sawhorses I've used.
-You can also use them to make a folding table, shooting bench, and on and on." - Keith

"BOUGHT SHORTER VERSION, BUY HEIGHT FOR YOU: After I went through three cheap sets of sawhorses in a year I thought maybe I should give these a try (seems like I sneeze on some of the other models available and something breaks on them. Seventy dollars and week for shipping later I got these. They take some initial setup, you supply the wood. Takes maybe 15 minutes to get 2 sawhorses put together, including time to get the tools out and put back away. After that, these things were all business, 22 twelve foot pressure treated 2x8's and not a squeak of complaint. The weak point in the whole setup? I'd say the 2x4 I used... I think when I need to replace the boards I'm going to go cut up some 4x4's just for good measure and the extra 1 1/2 inch of height. 
Just a matter of opinion, after playing with some trojan sawhorses, I think these are the better of the 2." - Weldon Grant

"HANDY, COMPACT SAWHORSES: As a professional remodeling contractor I try to bring everything but the kitchen sink onto the job. For all the tools in the back of my truck there is absolutely no room for wood, homemade horses. Also, I won't saw on the ground and the older I get the less I want to stoop over to pick up materials. That's where these horses come in. I've had a set of these horses for 5 yrs. and they've worked well for me. To be realistic though, nothing is indestructable."-Erich V

"PORTABLE GUN TABLE: Ordered a set of the 34" rugged buddy sawhorse legs,arrived in secure package and timely manner. Used them to make a portable Shooting bench.very stable"- Mike Manzela

"FOLDING SAWHORSE LEGS: I'm sure these would make some very strong saw horses but I bought mine to make a custom shooting bench. Works perfect! Strong, stable, folding and portable. You really have to push the locks back when folding as these lock in tight. Folds up for storage and transport and sets up fast! These are not your average cheaply made folding legs for sure and worth every penny." -Zipzipinc

"GREAT PRODUCT: I purchase this product to make my shooting table, the table turned out great and very sturdy, the shipping to Hawaii was really fast, Get this product you wont be disappointed." -Hanale

"EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: I ordered 2 of these from Amazon and 1 box was missing 2 pieces. I sent an e-mail to Target Precision and they were very polite and said they would send the parts to me. In a week I received the parts and was using the saw horses. Not only outstanding customer service but a great product as well. I used 4 x 4's on mine and am very satisfied. Very sturdy and worth every penny." -Ramtuff

"FOLDING SAWHORSE LEGS: The target Precision RB-H1034 Rugged Buddy 34 inch folding sawhorse legs are great. Delivery was fast. They worked perfect for what I wanted them for. 
Thank you." - Roxan

"ROCKING GOOD PRODUCT: This looked like exactly what I wanted and with Amazon free shipping, the cost would end up being something like fifty bucks total to make it, so I ordered a set, thinking that if they were inadequate for a shooting bench, I could at least make a saw horse with them. As it turned out, the legs were really excellent, well made and very sturdy. They worked perfectly for the bench and clearly would do just as well in the application for which they were intended. I made up the bench in a very short time and liked it so well I ordered another set of legs to make a second. In a couple weeks I will probably order two more sets and make some honest to goodness sawhorses out of them.
I inspected the legs and pivot/locking mechanism very carefully and in my opinion the design is unique and elegant in it's simplicity. The welding is well executed and the powdercoating is very well done. The ONLY thing I would do to improve these legs a little would be to replace the standard 1/4-20 nut that screws on to the pivot bolt, with an aero type nylon locking nut. Making this swap will probably cost me about fifty cents. 
I would recommend these legs for just about ANY application you need table type legs for. On top of all that, they appear to actually be made in sunny southern California. What more could you want?" -Beammeupscotty

"BEST DARN SAWHORSES EVER!: I bought my pair at a tool show a couple years back, and they are fantastic. Extremely rugged and durable, very compact and portable, and the powder coated finish has held up really well. I have used these horse everywhere, indoors and out, and they are light, portable, solid as a rock and have held any load I could throw at them. I just ordered another pair for a friend who is a builder. He was so impressed with mine on a job last summer that he had to have a set of his own! If you're tired of lugging lumber horses, or the cheesy stamped steel fold-up horses offered by others, invest in a pair of these. You won;t regret it !"- G. Greene