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Rugged Buddy Sawhorse Legs
"The Strongest Tubular Steel Sawhorse Made & The Only Sawhorse with a Patented Leg Locking System"

Product Description:
With these rugged, customized sawhorse legs from Target Precision, you can easily tailor a quality sawhorse to your specifications. Just supply the wood -- a two-by-anything will work -- and you'll have a sawhorse that supports over 1,000 pounds, yet weighs only 12 pounds. The legs are built of rugged 1-1/4-inch diameter tubular steel with powdercoat finish, and capped with non-slip, non-scratching rubber tips. Open, they lock solidly in place; folded, they are compact for storage. These legs are sold in pairs (one pair makes one sawhorse) and they're made in the USA. Wood is not included.

Use with any 2x's. Available in classic 28" or 34" heights
Folds flat for easy storage
Safely stacks for storage
Steel reinforced "non-skid" rubber feet
Patented leg locking system
Quick release to fold legs flat
Patented leg locking system
Supports over 1000 lbs per saw horse
Technical Details:
​Supports over 1,000 pounds, yet weighs only 12 pounds. Constructed of 1-1/4-inch diameter steel tubing; legs lock solidly in place when opened. Capped with non-slip, non-scratch rubber tips. Available in two lengths: 34-inches or 28-inches.

Build a Shooting Bench 
Using Rugged Buddy Sawhorse Legs
Shooting Bench can cost anywhere from $75-$500. In this video by Clemdog, he explains step by step on how to build a strong, affordable, portable and durable shooting bench. 

Clemdog's Guide to Building A Shooting Bench:
Start with a 3/4″ plywood panel, available at Home Depot or other lumber yards for about $15. Pay a few bucks more for a birch or other nice veneer, it will look fantastic if you varnish the table. The panels come 48″ x 24″. 
You will also need some wood glue, and about 15 #10 wood screws, about 1-1/4″ long. Check out my video on how to build the bench using a set of folding Rugged Buddy 34″ sawhorse legs. 

At the end of his video, Clemdog offers some sound advice: “Don’t buy a crappy bench, or spend hundreds of dollars on a bench. Build your own. It will be a fun project and it will last you for years.” For more info, visit Clemdog’s personal webpage, which also hosts a series of reloading videos.